these days everybody is downloading apps as well as searching for the hot-keys, or even future-keys. Where does that leave the non-key comic books? Are they only for collectors as well as completists to acquire? Do they have value? Is there a trick to sifting through the haystack of non-keys to find the non-key “Wonka-Ticket?” might this enormous volume of books include hidden treasure ideal out in the open? Are people running past the evident to get to the keys?

Everyone is searching continuously for the keys. Speculators look years into the future prior to any type of Hollywood development as well as begin absorbing them into the collection. This short article can seem evident to the pros among us, however for the new speculators as well as collectors this might supply an much easier avenue to gather as well as open up a few “deals.” This short article was written for the inexperienced comic book collecting crowd, not quite newbies, however definitely still in the speculation larvae phase.


“Almost everything the public at large believes is typically wrong.”  -Mark Twain (paraphrased)

He may have been talking about our little world of comic book speculation for lots of of the assumptions this crowd makes are probably skewed, substantially so. one of the most evident troupes about this profession is to “collect the keys!” Now, this is not a poor thing or even a poor starting point; however it can cause “keyed-up” thinking as well as over-emphasis. The comic book market is full of fans, first as well as foremost. A lot of what sells has fan base interest as well as Hollywood speculation tied to it.

Collectible artists as Investment:

Captain America #193

The a lot of evident non-key book is to invest in a particular artist. Collecting, for instance, the Jack Kirby Captain America #193 from the 70s or the Mike Zeck Punisher #4 from the 80s. You must already be using the search engine to find these gems. Can we do this with any type of comic? No, normally a certain artist or near mint with verification sells at a higher price once slabbed; you can always verify on


Amazing Spider-Man #45

Another example is from the Silver Age, John Romita’s fantastic Spider-Man #45. Now, this is simply a lizard appearance hardly qualifying as a key. however it is an early John Romita from his 60s fantastic Spider-Man run as well as very collectible. This comic was created by Stan Lee as well as John Romita in 1967. This book sells in 9.8 grade for up to $3,800. This is a non-key. essentially collecting based on artists rather than a crucial book can be profitable, depending on price.




Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 (Crain Variant Cover)

I did an short article on Clayton Crain about a month ago. He was doing the road show 2 as well as did not disappoint. having been to many events like these typically you are left with a poor taste from a snobby artist or writer. It is quite a let down as a fan, to have them be rude. Not with Mr. Crain, he was courteous as well as friendly as well as took his time with each fan. I was quite impressed. Of course, his artwork speaks for itself. His covers are significant pieces to own variants of. The price of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 (Crain Variant Cover) has gone up to $124 considering that a year ago. Last year (2019) within a month of publishing it was at $69; today over $100 on average. This is a great return on a recent comic book. I believe the value of solid art is it holds its value, unlike the current hot item.


Time Frame: 2-Years:

Last Sale


Captain America #193




Amazing Spider-Man #45




Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1




Following an artist’s work pays off, it is fun as well as fulfilling. In the three examples above each has returned in a range of positive +16% to +145%. That is reason enough to start broadening out your alternate investments with non-keys. Remember, always use as your barometer. That way you can verify the returns on the non-key books.

Another bennie of getting the comic books of terrific artists is owning something you enjoy. then you get the added benefit of investment appreciation as an asset; a whole different form of enjoyment. No need to hockey-check your buddies into the comic bins; while jockeying for the current keys at your LCS. Rather, simply expand your investments to include non-key books. crucial books are not the only treasure in comic book collecting. getting non-keys can be quite rewarding as well as fun. Enjoy!




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