Who Is Puck In Marvel? meet The Alpha flight members

Puck is a character who might not ring a bell but has been involved with various marvel groups. He is a member of the Alpha flight group, formerly known as Beta Flight. This character had exceptional combating skills, having been a military and bounty hunter. He is also immortal due to an evil spirit locked inside him.

Puck participated in several missions with this group, facing several enemies such as Loki and Dreamqueen. Loki would cause several events for the Alpha flight group and especially influence Puck, rendering him an ailment that left him on the verge of death.

Who is Puck?

Puck is a marvel character from the Alpha flight comics. This character lived a life of adventure before joining this group. However, after being imprisoned for murder, Alpha flight recruited him. They put the condition that he could not kill anybody else.


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Puck is striking for being relatively small as far as size is concerned. He suffers from dwarfism due to a spirit locked inside him, which causes him a lot of pain. However, this spirit would give him the quality of being immortal, so much so that Puck fought alongside Wolverine in the Spanish Civil War.

He is an adventurous character but also charismatic, faithful to his companions, and quite friendly. He is a bit shy and scared of rejection sometimes, although he is open to helping others.

Origin and biography

Puck’s origin dates back to his youth when he runs away from home to seek excitement and adventure. His real name is Eugene Milton Judd, and because leaving home, he has traveled the world. He is a fortune hunter in his travels, although he specializes in treasure hunting. Eugene finds rare objects that people desire, and they pay him the price he asks for.

One object would change his life, and that was the black sword—a sword with a black color that had caught the attention of Judd himself. despite being hired to find and deliver it, he had already developed an interest and chose to find it for his enjoyment.

Judd did not know that the sword was cursed, as it housed an evil spirit named Razer. Razer had been encased by a group of wizards long ago in the blade, where its black color was derived. By grabbing the sword, Judd freed Razer from his prison, initiating a confrontation between the 2.

Razer used the black sword to apply his ability to extract Judd’s light or soul. He removed some of Eugene’s light, but Eugene counterattacked with various mystical spells learned in his travels. Eugene managed to imprison Razer within himself, but the light Razer took from him did not return and caused him severe dwarfism. Later, Judd would notice that Razer made him immortal. Razer’s spirit drives Eugene a lot of pain each time he tries to escape.

Judd would continue his journey worldwide until he murders someone and is imprisoned for it. The comic does not detail who it is, but the first encounter with the Beta flight group occurs in this place. 

Beta Flight

Judd’s entry into Beta flight occurs when he finds himself incarcerated for the murder. At that time, James Hudson, better known as Guardian, provides him a deal to be free. Eugene should be part of the Beta flight team and should not murder anyone.

Judd accepts the deal, joins this team under the alias of Puck, and lives several missions with the group. Beta flight had people in training, so the operatives were not as flashy. However, Puck’s skill was rising, leading him to the Alpha flight group.

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While practically at Alpha Flight, the government withdrew support for the team, and it was disbanded. This event would anger Puck greatly. Puck chose to leave the Beta flight group and returned to his fortune-hunting activities. However, sometime later, the group notified the public that they would return to their activities without the support of any governmental entity. At that time, Puck went to them to request his addition to the team, which became effective practically immediately.

Alpha Flight

On the Alpha flight team, Puck has several experiences that affect his self-esteem. First, he has romantic feelings for Heather Hudson, the wife of the late Hudson. Puck never tells Heather about his feelings, fearing that she will decline him.

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Other events that cause him to have negative feelings are the constant injuries he suffers during missions. That makes him consider that he is not fit for the team and is much more of a hindrance than a help. 

On one of the missions with this team, they go to a healing spring. They had had a previous encounter with this source, and contact with it had momentarily cured Puck of dwarfism. this time they would encounter dark elves, with whom they had a relentless fight.

During the fight, one of the dark elves caused Puck to fall into the fountain, freeing Razer and curing Puck’s dwarfism. The Alpha flight team sealed Razer and Puck in the fountain, although Loki teleported Puck to Tibet. We later learned that Loki was responsible for these encounters at the healing fountain.

Puck and Dreamqueen

Puck calmly continued his life, traveling and returning to his former job as a fortune hunter. On his journey, he encountered a community of Lamas, and Judd inadvertently caused the death of the leader of this community. At that point, the spirit asked him if he wanted to return to the Alpha flight as they needed his help. Puck answered yes, and the Lama leader opened a portal to the dream Realm.

Upon entering, Puck sees that the Alpha flight is combating Dreamqueen and avoiding an invasion of the real world. Judd restrains the monarch, so the team can escape and close the portal connecting the two dimensions. Puck is imprisoned by the queen, who continuously tortures him at that point. She recovers him and even makes him younger, then applies physical pain.

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Alpha flight travels again to rescue Puck from Dreamqueen’s clutches. They be successful in doing so, rescuing a rejuvenated Puck, though quite battered by the constant torture carried out by the empress. Alpha flight takes Puck to the medical facility to heal his wounds. However, some are pretty serious.

For this reason, they turn to their friend and mentor Shaman so that he can offer him with a cure. He creates a healing serum, combining Puck’s cells, when he was immortal, along with a mutagenic serum from the Dark Master. The serum cures Puck, although he gets side effects, first turning him back into a dwarf, as his cells are from when he had this condition.

Another positive side effect was the acquisition of new power. It consists of hardening Puck’s skin and making it as hard as a diamond. With this, he can safeguard himself from practically any attack and create lunges and attacks with outstanding strength. After this, Puck returned to the Alpha flight team. 

Puck and The Avengers

Puck met several members of the Avengers when he was part of the Alpha flight group. This group captured a common enemy with The Avengers, who was the god of deception and brother of Thor, Loki. He would have cured Puck of his disease after coming into contact with the healing well.

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Although Puck was cured, his dwarfism returned, and the pain of having Razer inside him was fatal. At that moment, the Avengers arrived searching for the god of deception, but he had already left.

Another encounter he had with members of this group was in the events of secret Wars II. In this one, he faced several members of The Avengers separately, as in the Hulk case. Puck survived the giant’s onslaught and escaped without problems, leaving some souvenir blows to the big guy.

The Collective

One of the most traumatic encounters for Puck was his confrontation with Collective. collective was a mutant with energy-emitting capabilities undetectable even to the sophisticated radars S.H.I.E.L.D. possessed at the time. This mutant begins to wreak havoc, attacking cities, and the government asks the Alpha flight group to take over.

The group headed towards their confrontation with Collective. However, they were unable to confront him. collective killed practically all of Alpha Flight’s team members, or so the comic implies, although there are rumors that they might still be alive. Puck survived this encounter; however, he suffered greatly after losing his teammates and friends. 

Powers and Abilities

The powers and abilities that Puck possesses are varied. First, we have the close combat skills he learned in his Alpha flight training. He also possesses tactical and tactical skills due to his various participation in wars. another ability and the most noteworthy is his immortality, caused by Razer’s influence.

Among other powers, he can cast spells derived from the teachings of Shaman. With these spells, he manages to capture Razer inside him. He also acquires the ability to harden his skin, making him practically invulnerable due to the serum given by his mystical master.

Puck’s Appearances

Puck has had secondary appearances throughout time, appearing in animated series, comics, toys, video games, and other versions of this character. despite being a secondary character within the marvel universe, he has had some notoriety. 

In television and video games

Puck appeared once in the X-Men animated series, the original version. In this one, he took the role of Repo man and was voiced by Don Franks. He appeared in only one episode of this animated saga, although he was later seen on other platforms.

One of these platforms in which he was seen was in the video game marvel very Heroes: war of the Gems. It is a puzzle game in which you should face this character to pass to the next level. Puck is not a hero but plays the role of a villain in this game.

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In toys

In toys, versions of the character and collectibles are sold on eBay and Amazon. One example is the first toy of the character released in ’99 by toy Biz of “Puck and 2 Snowbird”. In 2013 Hasbro also released an action figure as part of a marvel universe collection.

Another collectible figure was released in the same year as the Hasbro figure belonged to Diamond. In this one, the Puck figure was part of a wave of characters in the Wolverine Wave sculpture.

image through marvel Toys

The newest figure was released in 2019 as an Amazon-exclusive collection. This collection included Puck and other members of Alpha Flight, among which we have Vindicator, Shaman, Northstar, Aurora, and Snowbird.

These editions are still available on the market, although some are practically extinct. You can also find character collector’s cards with character specs, powers, and phrases.  

Other versions of Puck

In the Comics, we can find other versions of Puck besides the one discussed with the Alpha flight group. In one of these, he helps Wolverine escape hell, where he is continuously tortured. Puck stays there and becomes this dimension’s ruler to fight the underworld’s villains.

In another issue and taking Puck as part of the master of hell, we see how this character fights with Mephisto and Thanos. using his powers, Puck confronts these two titans and defeats them.

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There is another female version of the character called Zuzha Yu. this one was a mutant who led an everyday life working in a bar. The new Alpha flight recruited her after losing a fight with Walter Langkowski or Sasquatch. Zuzha would be part of the team Judd would once be a member.

Rumor is that Zuzha is the original Puck’s daughter, and her powers derive from the same mutant genes. She receives training from the reformed Alpha flight group. This mutant’s powers are different from her father’s. Zuzha has superhuman strength, which allows her to lift much more than 2 tons, and also possesses very speed, similar to that of Quicksilver, Magneto’s son.

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