LUX PRIMA by KAREN O as well as risk mouse

It’s not up until the tune “Redeemer” that Karen O seems anything like her old yes Yeah Yeahs self, with a refrain, “I’m comin’ for you, you comin’ for me?” as well as a voice that’s a difficulty as well as a threat.  however that’s OK.  since by the time Lux Prima hits that track, I’ve forgotten exactly how much I miss her old band.

Karen O hasn’t released a appropriate album in half a decade.  Instead, she’s been on soundtracks as well as singles (notably a cover of “Immigrant Song” with Trent Reznor), laying low—making everybody question where she was.

Turns out, she was figuring out exactly how to be a much quieter artist, with a smooth voice, no gravel, as well as no angst.  as well as it works.  An ambient beginning, complied with by directly up rock, hipsway soul, as well as dance floor funk.  All the variations you’ve come to expect from beatmaker risk Mouse, as well as a variety in vocal high quality as well as structure unlike anything I’ve heard before from Ms. O.

This is one of the very best albums I’ve heard so far in 2019.  A partnership between two legends such as this might quickly have  been a let-down or, worse, a disaster.  Thankfully, this is the precise opposite.

Highly recommended.

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