AfterShock Comics Becomes part of Media company

AfterShock Comics has merged with Rive Gauche, a television company that focuses on “the production, co-production, acquisition, and global distribution of television formats and programming”, mostly “unscripted programming and high-end docu-series”. They’re going to use the acquisition to expand their “reach into original scripted content creation and conversion of original comic IP into film, television, gaming and podcasts using various company models.”

Both companies will be part of AfterShock Media. There’s talk of turning the comics, “from the industry’s many celebrated creators”, into TV, film, gaming, and podcasts. The same person, Jon Kramer, was CEO of both companies, and he is still. After the merger, “Lee Kramer will head up the AfterShock film & TV division as president of film & TV for Rive Gauche. AfterShock Comics will continue to be led by Editor-in-Chief Mike Marts, CCO/Publisher Joe Pruett, and president Lee Kramer.”

As long-time industry observers know, a lot of people get into comics for a purpose other than to publish comics. This is just the most recent example. but in such an uncertain time, you’ve got to find whatever income streams you can.

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