ComicList: DC Comics for 10/31/2012

Absolute final crisis HC (resolicited), $99.99Action Comics annual #1, $4.99All-Star Western volume 1 guns and Gotham TP, $16.99American Vampire #32 (Dustin Nguyen Variant Cover), ARAmerican Vampire #32 (Rafael Albuquerque regular Cover), $2.99Aquaman #13 (Ivan Reis & Joe Prado regular Cover), $2.99Aquaman #13 (Ivan Reis Black & White Variant Cover), ARBatgirl annual #1, $4.99
Batman Adventures/Scooby-Doo Flipbook (Halloween Comicfest 2012), ARBatman beyond unrestricted #9, $3.99Batman Black and White Batman beyond Statue By Dustin Nguyen, $79.95Batman Eye Of The Beholder TP, $14.99Dark Knight Returns Superman Vs Batman Statue (resolicited), $324.95Dark Knight Rises Batman With EMP Rifle Bust, $79.95Extremely Moronic mad TP, $12.99Ghosts #1 (One Shot)(Dave Johnson regular Cover), $7.99Ghosts #1 (One Shot)(Phil Jimenez Variant edition Cover), ARJoe Kubert presents #1 (Of 6), $4.99Justice league Dark annual #1, $4.99Looney Tunes #209, $2.99Lot 13 #1 (Of 5), $2.99Masters Of The universe The origin Of Skeletor #1 (One Shot), $2.99New Deadwardians #8 (Of 8), $2.99Phantom lady #3 (Of 4), $2.99Superman earth One volume 2 HC, $22.99Superman family Adventures #6, $2.99Swamp thing annual #1, $4.99Sweet Tooth volume 5 Unnatural habitats TP, $14.99

EAGLEMOSS PUBLICATIONSDC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection magazine #16 (Black Canary White Pawn), $16.00DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection magazine #17 (Harley Quinn Black Queen), $16.00DC Superhero Figurine Collection magazine #118 (Ventriloquist & Scarface), $14.00DC Superhero Figurine Collection magazine #119 (Elongated Man), $14.00

VideosBatman double feature ROTJ DVD, ARBatman double feature Subzero DVD, ARMax Fleischer’s Superman BD, AR

MerchandiseDark Knight Rises Deluxe Catwoman Mask, $16.99Hot Wheels Cult classics 1989 Batman 1/43 Batmobile Die-Cast, $65.99

ComicList: DC Comics for Wednesday, October 31, 2012, by Charles LePage.

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ComicList: DC Comics for 10/31/2012ComicList: DC Comics for 10/31/2012 absolute final crisis HC (resolicited), $99.99 action Comics annual #1, $4.99 All-Star Western volume 1 guns and Gotham TP, $16.99 American Vampire #32 (Dustin Nguyen Variant Cover), AR Amer…
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