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“Beau Doing What beau Does Best….” Art By Mitch Byrd.

by beau Smith

I was the kid in school that tended to daydream and look out the window when I should’ve been looking at the blackboard. All it took was a couple of sentences from the teacher that didn’t interest me, and my mind was wandering off looking to invent something that did stimulate me. instead of math problems, my notebook was crammed with drawings of army men fighting off flying saucers, dinosaurs chasing cowboys, or cutaway diagrams of missile silos and secret headquarters that I just knew I would live in one day.

More than once my mind would drift into the world of comic books where I would think about the comic book that I had read the day before and what would be happening in the next issue. I’d dream of finding that special issue that I just had to have. I would hope that my local drug store, supermarket, or newsstand would have the issue and I wouldn’t have to hunt too far to find it.

I don’t do that as much these days. There are more than enough things to occupy my simple mind. far too many times, adult things seem to steal daydreams from my skull encased brain. things like paying bills, working on my truck, and making sure I pay attention to others, as I would like attention paid to me.

So every now and then I purposely shut off other thoughts and just let myself freely wander through the thoughts of comic books and things related to the printed and digital pages. So I figure I’d take this time to distract you from the blackboard of life and let you daydream with me. just some random thoughts on comics and paths they can lead you down.

Escape From new York

** Looking forward to seeing escape From new York #1 from BOOM! Studios. I’ve always been a fan of the feature films and Kurt Russell, but what’s drawing me to this comic book is the fact that the interior art is by Diego Barreto, son of my late amigo, Eduardo Barreto. I’ve been lucky enough to see Diego’s art grow through the years, DNA has blessed Diego with the artistic talents shared with his dad, but he has also developed his own style and path of storytelling that made Eduardo very proud.

Spawn #250

** hard to believe that my friend and former boss, Todd McFarlane, is heading towards the 250th issue of Spawn. It seems like just a few short months ago, Todd was starting the book out and trying things that no one had ever tried before, not only with the art, but with publishing, marketing, and even changing the numbering to get around the confines of distribution. In all my years of marketing comics, I have to say, working with Todd put me in some of the weirdest and most innovative late night meetings ever. No regrets! we all know how the sales of comic books have changed, where public notification of the industry as well as the characters has increased where the sales of individual issues has fallen in comparison to that of the 1990’s. When I went to work for Todd, Spawn’s average sales were around 400,000 a month. I recall Todd telling me that if the sales of Spawn ever dipped to 1000,000 a month, he’d have to cancel the series. Well, as you know, that didn’t happen. Congrats on the upcoming 250th issue, Toddy. I’m stoked you’re still in there making things happen.

Art by JonBoy Meyers

** speaking of Spawn, make sure you stay with the book to see the wonderful art by my long time friend, JonBoy Meyers. most of you will know JonBoy from his work at Marvel. He’s a true talent and is packed with passion when it comes to comics. I met JonBoy back in the day when he was a very young man working construction and trying to break into comics at the same time. I remember pounding on Todd McFarlane hard back then to give JonBoy a shot at some stuff. I’m stoked to see that here, many years later, Todd is coming through on that. My other friend, Brian wood will be writing the Spawn stuff, so check that out. As you know, Brian has a wide range and can do most anything. These guys will NOT let you down.

Art By Scot Eaton

** I sure would love to see more Scot Eaton art and the publisher that is paying him for his services promote him more. Scot is remarkable and a workhorse in the Clydesdale type fashion. There is no load too heavy for this guy.

Millennium From IDW Publishing

** Back in the day, I remember the TV show MILLENNIUM was one of the creepiest, but classiest sci-fi shows on TV. It wasn’t out there long, and would’ve been if on the screen today, but it was so solid. note that IDW publishing is bringing it out in comic book form and with their track record on sci-fi and horror, it’s bound to be good. Don’t be surprised if you see Mulder and Scully from The X-Files show up in these pages as well.

Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes From IDW publishing and BOOM! Studios.

** also on an IDW publishing note, star Trek/Planet Of TheApes. how can you not resist that?? Something you never thought would happen and IDW has the stones to say, “Why Not?” This is the kinda stuff I used to daydream about when I should’ve been doing my math work in school.

KOMACON: Warshaw: The Machinist by beau Smith & Rock-He Kim. image Comics.

** Last year, my friend and image Comics former boss, Larry Marder, asked me to be a part of a very interesting project they were doing at image Comics called KOMACON. Komacon was a beautiful, hardcover book that united 6 veteran American writers with 6 exceptional, young artists from South Korea to create their own, cross-cultural projects. I was teamed up with the remarkable Rock-He Kim. together we created Warshaw: The Machinist. Warshaw: The Machinist is a very dark, futuristic story and character that is unlike anything I had ever done before. This was my opportunity to show readers that I was more than busted knuckles and empty beer bottles. working with rock was a pleasure, his youthful passion and detailed art made me feel like I was a kid in comics once more. Currently, rock is the artist on X-Force over at marvel Comics. Please make sure you check it out and see what rock is doing. It’s an awesome sight for the eyeballs.

** Yes, I am still somewhat confused by the current DC Comics continuity, but I’ve found that if I listen to trusted friends and research the books, I can find some real gems that make sense to me. There is hope, my friends.

Art by Art Adams

** It’s hard to beat an Art Adams cover, isn’t it?

Hawkeye By Matt fraction & David Aja Omnibus HC

** Hawkeye By Matt fraction & David Aja Omnibus HC is on my want list. It deserves this format!

** Jason Aaron can really write some stuff I like. He always sneaks something in the stories that really grabs me.

Daredevil by mark Waid

** I’ve known mark Waid for what seems to be forever. I’ve known him on many different landscapes. His Daredevil work at marvel Comics is the best I’ve read since Stan Lee left the book. Every issue is a keeper!

** next time you get your Westfield Comics catalogue, make sure you go through all the stuff in the back where the smaller publishers dwell. Make sure you leave some cash to pick up and try something new. There are all kinds of great thing there waiting for you to try. Don’t just settle for the same old, same old, discover something new and broaden that personal horizon.

Joe Frankenstein by Chuck Dixon & Graham Nolan. IDW Publishing.

** Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, the creators of BANE, bring you Joe Frakenstein at IDW Publishing. Make sure you don’t let this one get by you or any friends and family members. top notch, true all-age reading.

Okay, the teacher just told me I’ve gotta go to the principal’s office and then to detention. I guess that’s what I get for thinking outside the comic book long box.

Forever your bad influence,

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch

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