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by beloved Smith

Beau Smith

I would like to provide a house to all the misfit, odd-ball, obscure, mainstream superheroes.

Like many of you, I’ve always been a major fan as well as visitor of such icons as Spider-Man, The X-Men, Batman as well as The JLA, however I have always had a major area in my emotional heart for all those third-string characters who never seem to get sufficient game time.

Plant Man

Let me add, not only mainstream heroes, however poor men too. Not only do the low lease villains typically get caught as well as tossed into jail by the hero, they likewise never get any type of respect like Dr. Doom or Lex Luthor. You just don’t see numerous people quaking in worry when The plant guy knocks over a bank, although they ought to when you truly believe of it as well as look at the science included with a man who can manage ALL plant life. He’s quite scary.

The Cobra & Mr. Hyde

One of my preferred diabolical duos was Mr. Hyde as well as The Cobra. fantastic mix of powers as well as personalities. They didn’t always get along as well as they would rat each other out on a dime, however a few problems later, they’d get back together as well as try to bump off Thor or Daredevil. They never lacked motivation.

As a writer, it’s always my goal to take a lower understood hero or poor man as well as location them in the spotlight in really hopes of acquiring respect as well as the likability they are worthy of as well as might have. Although man Gardner wasn’t precisely second string at DC, at the time I took him over, the book was about to be canceled as well as the bowl-cut jerk that he had ended up being was using thin on readers. It was one thing to have him be a fun jerk like that in his Justice league days of the 1980’s, however after a while, he just ended up being a jerk. No much more fun. I wished to restore the fun.

I likewise wished to restore characters like woman Blackhawk, The metal Men, as well as produce new ones. lucky for me, DC provided me that chance. I just desire that DC as well as marvel would be prepared to provide other heroes as well as poor men that possibility today. Yes, I understand that sales as well as times in comic books are difficult as well as it’s not always shiny to be a danger taker, however I believe this is really the time to take the risks.

Red Wolf

I’d like to see smart, fun, compelling stories starring the likes of Ka-Zar, Skull The Slayer, Bloodstone, B’Wana Beast, Dial H For Hero, area Ranger, Razorback, The Wrecking Crew, The Masters Of Evil, (it tales stones to phone call yourself that to the whole world) night Nurse, Two-Gun Kid, The Human Fly, Red Wolf, The Red Ghost as well as his Apes, star Spangled war Stories, creature Commandos as well as Captain savage as well as His Leatherneck Raiders. I don’t imply some Vertigo or marvel weirdo-perversions of these characters, I imply taking what was produced as well as making it work as is. It can be done as well as done well. There are skilled people available who have the enthusiasm for these characters like I do that can make it work. Not only believe me, however believe IN me.

While we’re at it, let’s restore Romance, Western, war as well as sci-fi comics. It can all work. There are visitors who want it as well as will pay for it. marvel as well as DC just have to step up, take the danger as well as do it. Don’t tell me it’s not that simple, I’ve been on the advertising end of comics for 25 years in addition to a writer. I speak to retailers, universities as well as libraries every day. It can work as well as there IS an readership for it.

I want all of you available reading this to believe about it. If you have thoughts, let us know. I understand I would like to hear if you’d support this stuff.

Drop us a line.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch

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