Matt Reeves Shares test Footage of Robert Pattinson In the new Batsuit for The Batman

Over the past few days, rumors circulated around the spoiler-friendly Web that we’d soon get a glimpse of the new Batman. Whether they were legitimate leaks or lucky guesses, they nailed it. On Twitter, Matt Reeves published a link to test footage of Robert Pattinson in the new batsuit for The Batman. In the red-filtered video, we see a blurry Battinson walking towards the camera. We can’t rather make out the “ears” on his cowl, however we get a glimpse of the bat logo on his breast (pictured above). It likewise doesn’t have ears. At very first I believed it was a pop-out batarang holder. however on better inspection the bat sign appears like it’s constructed out of a gun, likely the gun that murdered his parents. This Batman actually uses his emotional trauma on his chest. though they might likewise be pop-out bladed weapons, too.

The cowl looks to be shaped leather, with obvious stitching around the nose. The eyes are tougher to see in the improved picture below. The mask may have lenses, or it may comply with the rest of the history of Batman on film as well as just show his eyes. The rest of the breast piece looks armored as well as cobbled together of discrete pieces. It appears like a mix of the fit from Arkham Origins and Lee Bermejo’s style for Batman: Noël. The cape tucks into the chestpiece, however likewise appears to have an upraised collar.

Since The Batman movie leaks suggest we are getting a tale about the Dark Knight early in his career, it makes sense he would not have perfected the batsuit. The other fascinating thing right here is the washed-out red coloring. It’s possible this was done to hide the truth that this costume will have the blue as well as gray color combination from the comics.


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The Matt Reeves expose bigger Than The Batman Batsuit Is The new Music

picture via screengrab

On Twitter, Matt Reeves exposed the batsuit test footage was shot by The Batman director of photography Greg Fraser. Yet, the music in the video comes directly from The Batman score composer Michael Giacchino. We hear a haunting melody played at the beginning as well as end by just piano, with strings accompanying. When you see the mask shot, the style (if that is what this is) gets extremely heroic however still ominous. Tim Burton’s Batman as well as Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight both had distinct, incredible themes. It’s not an simple task to comply with them, however what Giacchino delivers right here is extremely impressive.

You can inspect out the full test footage of the new batsuit for The Batman from Matt Reeves below.

The Batman will hit theaters on July 25, 2021.

What do you believe of the new batsuit test footage, as well as exactly how excited are you for Matt Reeves The Batman? Share your thoughts as well as reactions in the comments below!

Featured picture via screengrab

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