Rose & Thorn will Be first HBO Max motion picture pulled from DC Universe: Rumor

A new rumor suggests that HBO Max may finally have found their first DC Comics property for a motion picture with rose & Thorn. It’s unclear if the motion picture will be one of the first productions embarked on by the newly formed Warner Max. The characters of rose and Thorn date back to the very beginnings of the DC Universe. However, the story as described in the rumor sounds like the best mid-budget fare for the streaming service. It also does not appear that it’s connected to the DC extended Universe. instead it seems like the motion picture will occupy its own space like Lucifer on Netflix or Stargirl pertaining to DC Universe. also unclear is if this is from DC series powerhouse Greg Berlanti, who will develop a new slate of DC series for HBO Max as part of his new Warner Bros. overall deal.

Rose & Thorn are based on two characters who first menaced the Flash in 1947, created by Josh Broome and Carmine Infantino. She has a split personality. rose is her “normal,” genial human persona. Thorn is a vengeful metahuman with enhanced strength and the ability to control plant life. She eventually marries the first green Lantern, Alan Scott, and gives birth to DC heroes Jade and Obsidian. This version of the character is not the rose & Thorn who will appear in the first DC and HBO Max movie. Rather, they seem to be adapting a version of her new 52 one-shot storyline. (Which, itself is a reimagining of Gail Simone’s 2004 limited series rose and Thorn.)

What We know about the rose & Thorn motion picture for HBO Max

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Rose Canton is a teenage girl released from an institution after a mental break following the death of her father. The story follows her reintegration into school. Complicating matters, she develops an alternate personality, Thorn. Thorn is everything rose is not, violent, romantically aggressive, and figured out to fix her father’s murder. The two sides of rose and Thorn are in conflict, but they work together to avenger their father’s murder.

This rumor comes from, likely by means of Daniel Richtman who hinted at the news on Twitter. None of the industry trades are reporting on it. So, take the news with a grain of salt. rose & Thorn may be the first DC property used for an exclusive HBO Max movie. It’s likely not a finalized deal. It does make sense, however. The new 52 version of Thorn didn’t have any superpowers. Thus, this is just an alter-ego motion picture set in a high school setting. Again, the best sort of mid-budget fare that can appeal to fans of the comics and fans of teen action dramas alike. So, it may not pan out, but this rumor feels like it could be accurate.

What do you think? must rose & Thorn be the first DC property made into a motion picture for HBO Max? tell us why or why not in the comments below.

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