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by beloved Smith

The Shadow

** It’s been revealed that Dynamite will be doing a new comic book featuring the pulp icon THE SHADOW. My tip to Dynamite is this, don’t mess with the history as well as fundamental concept of the character. We’ve seen other renowned characters such as Doc Savage, The Avenger, as well as The Lone Ranger accident as well as shed rapidly since publishers/creative teams messed with the original concept that made the characters icons. Don’t make the error that you requirement to “bring them into today’s world” to make them work. That’s the nail in the coffin. If you believe you have to make it so the hip young youngsters will associate to it today, then you’re dead in the four-color water. I likewise suspect you’ll discover that when the book is solicited Dynamite will connect the names of Alex Ross, John Cassaday as well as Jae Lee to it, making the visitors believe these are the problem to problem creators. This has been done at Dynamite before. What it truly implies is they’ll be doing the numerous variant covers as well as not much more. The genuine composing as well as art will be done by market workhorses that will never get sufficient credit rating for the work they are doing. I’d like to see THE shadow work where others have failed, I just don’t want to see much more of the exact same mistakes.

New Avengers #16

** Mike Deodato’s art is so amazing. Make sure you inspect out the work he is doing on new AVENGERS #16 where DAREDEVIL joins the team. I’ve been a longtime fan of Mike’s work as well as was so lucky to have him as the artist on my star WARS TALES: Boba Fett story for Dark equine Comics. Mike is a genuine master craftsman as well as story teller with an eye-popping style that reaches all generations of comic book readers. The stories in THE new AVENGERS has been excellent so far, however this problem with DAREDEVIL ought to truly be a top notch affair. inspect it out.

** somebody please make me care about The X-Men comics again.


** DAREDEVIL #1 by mark Waid is the ideal example of what DC Comics needs to finish with their relaunch of characters to really get visitors on board as well as back every month. It’s been numerous years because I’ve seen such a completely carried out blood transfusion bring a mainstream character back to life. DAREDEVIL looks to be THE book of the year. Mainstream superhero comics at their best.

** everybody these days keep whining about lack of a strong female character in comics. Hey, there are plenty. keep looking as well as you’ll discover them. What writers ought to be doing is composing a strong character with a compelling story, then fill in the gender.

** Twitter has ended up being my social network of very first option over taking Facebook. I utilize both, however Twitter is much better fit to my needs. Come comply with me @BeauSmithRanch. We’ll have fun there.

G.I. Joe With Chuck Dixon

** have you checked out what Chuck Dixon is composing on G.I. Joe The Cobra Civil war as well as snake Eyes over at IDW PUBLISHING? I’d state after reading these problems the next G.I. Joe film has been written for them. This is action/adventure at its best.

The Human Torch

** I told you THE HUMAN TORCH would be back……

Alpha flight #5

** ALPHA flight by Fred Van Lente & Dale Eaglesham has been one of the very best “just under your radar” books out there. Please inspect it out as well as delight in this book that’s as solid as a brick wall.

The unusual skill Of Luther Strode

** I’ve been hearing some extremely great things about the upcoming picture comic book: THE unusual skill OF LUTHER STRODE by Justin Jordan & Tradd Moore. truly looking ahead to it. Make sure you begin sniffing around about it. I believe we’re all gonna be delighted with what we find.

** celebrate your like for comics as well as purchase something method out of your routine checked out list. (Like one of the comics I’ve written. J)

Okay, class is dismissed for this installment of Beauology 101. Remember, these lessons are MY personal opinions as well as nobody else’s. Blame me or praise me, your choice. I hope to see you in class next time. quite women sit in the front.

Your personal professor X,

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch

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