Media release — The turkey has been gobbled up, thanks have been had, and the winter holidays are now upon us. Traditionally, Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season—a day where stores offer massive discounts on their merchandise and people wake up at hours we didn’t know even existed in order to venture forth into the wild to shop for the best deals possible.
DC Comics digital is once again joining in with this tradition with the Blackest Friday Sale and you don’t even have to leave home to take advantage! We’re offering fans every issue of the critically acclaimed, fan-favorite BLACKEST night limited series by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis as well as all of the tie-in issues and limited series, including green LANTERN, green lantern CORPS and more—all for only 99 cents each! If that wasn’t enough, we’re also including all 24 issues of the follow-up series BRIGHTEST DAY! That’s a total of over 100 comics.

The 4-Day sale begins 11/23 in the DC digital Store.

In Brightest Day. In Blackest Night. No DC Comics digital Sale should escape Your Site.

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