Dreams Come True! WKRP total series Coming

When I composed about the total hill street Blues DVD set that came out at the end of last month, I mentioned that I truly really hoped that Shout! factory would do a similar set for WKRP in Cincinnati. Ha! I called it! TV shows on DVD (link no longer available) is reporting that Shout! has “licensed the show’s house video rights as well as are planning to provide all four seasons of the sitcom together in one package”.

Since the sitcom was about a radio station, the music was an important part of the show, as well as the rights have been a issue in the past. There was a very first season release in 2007 that made extensive cuts to prevent licensing costs, even to the point of getting rid of scenes from the show. There’s been no official word from Shout!, however I understand that they do whatever they can to put out releases fans can be proud of. No timeframe has been announced, however I’m excited just to hear the effort is in progress. I’m likewise hoping that they do some current-day retrospective interviews as well as remembrances.

This music discussion forum explains exactly how extensive the music utilize was in the show. I’m not expecting whatever to be available, however as they note, some scenes depended on the tune that was involved, so I hope the considerable utilizes are cleared. It appears that fans have been requesting Shout! do this for over a decade now, too. sometimes patience is rewarded.

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