tunes by a few bands with potential…

Skunkmello-Live at Arlene’s Grocery

A collection of strong garage-rock/bluesy covers as well as originals. I particularly like their options (Jesus just Left Chicago is most likely my second preferred ZZ top song, ideal after I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide). If you such as this one, they’ve got a a lot more recent bootleg likewise offered complimentary on Bandcamp as well as a number of other releases. enjoy these guys, they’re cooking as well as prepared to boil.

Irie Idea

It’s like peaceful punk reggae blues. like when Sublime would break into one of their a lot more easily accessible acoustic moments. The songwriting isn’t rather where it needs to be yet, as well as the vocals requirement to get some heft (sing from the belly, not the head), however you can see there’s absolutely something here. It’s a band worth watching.

Simon Adams

And I’ll close with the most standard of the three bands I’m examining today. A nice, sweet, peaceful EP by Simon Adams.

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