This is not a mixtape. This is not a demo. It may be totally free on Bandcamp, but “Selves” is a proper album. It has a cover with meaning. It has themes of identity, mental illness, and spirituality. It’s deep. but it’s not sad. for every track like “A.D.D.,” which tells about stopping medication cold turkey, there are some great, upbeat tracks like “Don’t Stop” with a woman named Bonnie who knows her way around a verse.

Who are these guys? Defcee hails from Illinois and has been making his indie-rapper bones for a few years now–having started at the age of 17. Moses is a producer and the cofounder of higher education Records, an indie label that seems devoted to developing bright, young talent and letting new voices speak. like Defcee.

This is a very interesting record from a rising indie rapper. check it out and show your support.
Selves by Defcee & Moses

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