The 2018 official announcement of a Cindy Moon/Silk solo motion picture has pushed the character to the spotlight. With this, what does the landscape look like for speculating on Cindy Moon/Silk who has her first appearance in the modern Age?



THE fantastic SPIDER-MAN #1 (VOL. 3, 2014)

Cindy Moon made her first of lots of cameo appearances, unnamed and face obscured by her hair, in The fantastic Spider-Man #1 (Vol. 3, 2014). despite this Cindy Moon cameo significance, the book has failed to reach a higher market value. Currently, the FMV of the book graded at CGC 9.8 is at a surprisingly low $34; it barely covers the cost of slabbing. On the variant side of things, the one that sticks out the most is the 1:300 Alex Ross 75th anniversary Sketch Variant, which sees a rather large range of sales prices, but the FMV of a CGC 9.8 is holding around $190.

Although it is tempting to pick up this book as part of the Silk solo motion picture speculation, any market benefit the book might experience will likely be diluted by the saturation of variants that it has. Furthermore, its crucial relevance being a cameo isn’t helping it.



THE fantastic SPIDER-MAN #4 (VOL. 3, 2014)

After a handful of cameo appearances, Cindy Moon finally got her 1st full appearance in The fantastic Spider-Man #4 (Vol. 3, 2014). Of the various prints of the book, the one that has seemed to pick up the majority of the market interest is the Ramos Variant (*excluding Black Cat, which will be attended to below); which at the CGC 9.8 grade, the FMV is nearly double. See below for the sales data of each book; main print on the right, Ramos variant on the left (edit: side correction).

As you can probably tell, the market behavior for both books is very similar. The only major event to affect sales prices in the last few years was the 2018 announcement of a Cindy Moon/Silk solo motion picture in development. Interestingly, she was originally slated to appear in Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse (2018) but was replaced by Peni Parker. What’s the reason behind the large difference in FMVs of the two prints? It likely boils down to something as basic as the lack of Cindy Moon from the cover of the main print.

Ever considering that the large 2018 spike that sent sales prices of the book in CGC 9.8 soaring as high as +350%, the prices have plummeted back down closer to just 2x pre-spike levels… “just.” outside of the overcorrection and new low of late 2018, sales have found a new price range, which has held flat for the last year.

To add another twist to the market of The fantastic Spider-Man #4, the variants with the current highest market values are the ones that feature the Black cat on the cover. All three J. Scott Campbell variants (the full color, negative, and sketch) stand head and shoulders above the aforementioned prints of the book; their respective CGC 9.8 FMVS are $210, $375, and $180. the market has shown that it places either the Black cat and/or J. Scott Campbell above Cindy Moon. This aspect does lend worry to the possibility that the entire market for Cindy Moon/Silk might be a house of cards.

If speculating on Cindy Moon/Silk, some things to consider: The Cindy Moon/Silk motion picture could be changed back to an appearance in the into the Spider-Verse motion picture sequel, just as easily as she was replaced. With the number of Spider-Man associated characters that have been in development and canceled in the last few years, is she just another dart on the wall to see what sticks? and the odd occurrence of the three J. Scott Campbell variants featuring Black cat holding higher market values than the main print or Ramos variant.



“My name is Dragonclaw!” – Dragonclaw

“Seriously? sounds like a Pokémon. Is Pokémon still a thing? Asking for a friend.” – Silk


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