Black Adam Wrapped Filming, The rock thanks Cast as well as team While providing us Some hints

It feels like only yesterday that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson revealed his fellow cast as well as team members during the DC Fandome Black Adam event. Now, in a video saying thanks to everybody who brought Black Adam to life, the rock is back announcing that they wrapped filming. however even in his video as well as Instagram post, Johnson’s left some fascinating remarks. mainly that “the hierarchy of power in the DC world is changing,” apparently. however what else can we discover from this video?

Black Adam Wrapped Filming provides us hints about a major Scene

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As the rock raffles off ten thousand dollars to team members as well as tells them exactly how he can’t wait on the world to see Black Adam, we get a excellent look at the set as well as a few of the extras involved. Firstly, there we see two of the extras dressed in competitor pilot gear. This makes sense because, secondly, the set is a painted backdrop of clouds together with some blue screen platforms. At the beginning of the speech, we can still see thunder impacts in the clouds behind as well as around the crew. Also, there’s the piece of movie-making innovation that hasn’t altered in one hundred years: a giant fan for wind.


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Now, as far as when the scene occurs, that’s difficult to say. Filmmakers don’t shoot movies in sequential order of scenes. So, just since this was the Rock’s last day of shooting, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the movie. We likewise can’t see if he’s using the full Black Adam costume…or can we? He’s definitely using the boots. then again, that black tunic might likewise be a part of his wardrobe. perhaps this is the very first action scene!

Regardless, now that Black Adam has completed filming, the movie that felt like it was rumored to occur for the past five years is definitely happening. as well as with SDCC as well as DC Fandome 2021 coming up, we should see a trailer soon.

Featured Image: DC/Warner Bros

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