Media release — Imprisoned, analyzed and interrogated by the Saurians, Nate is forced to face the monstrous effects his dinosaur hunts have had on the future of another world. Featuring a “Midnight Special” variant cover by Henchgirl designer Kristen Gudsnuk! limited to 1,500 copies! VORACIOUS: FEEDING TIME #3 Writer(s): Markisan Naso Artist Name(s): Jason Muhr

ASPEN BRINGS killer new exclusive TO long beach COMIC con

Media release — Aspen Comics is bringing a wide array of talent and an all-new exclusive to this weekend’s long beach Comic and horror con 2012. Aspen creators Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, mark Roslan, J.T. Krul, Joe Benitez, Nei Ruffino, Ale Garza, Beth Sotelo, Lori Hanson, Jonathan marks and more will be appearing

BATMAN’S golden AGE origin

The golden Age of comics was the beginning of the superhero genre. three characters would dominate this age as well as beyond: Superman, question Woman, as well as Batman. though Superman as well as question lady were the progenitors for every superhero to come; Batman provided increase to a darker breed, the vengeful driven superhero, a vigilante.


Media release — In honor of what would have been the late Jim Henson’s 75th birthday, award-winning publisher Archaia entertainment will debut the very first 20 pages of the upcoming original graphic book Jim Henson’s tale of Sand, which is based on an unproduced screenplay written by Henson as well as longtime collaborator Jerry Juhl


The 2018 official announcement of a Cindy Moon/Silk solo motion picture has pushed the character to the spotlight. With this, what does the landscape look like for speculating on Cindy Moon/Silk who has her first appearance in the modern Age?     THE fantastic SPIDER-MAN #1 (VOL. 3, 2014) Cindy Moon made her first of

AN limitless dilemma FOR THE DCEU

might the blue Beetle motion picture quietly begin a major DCEU event directly from the comics? DC may not have developed the comic crossover, however they perfected it with their dilemma events. beginning in 1985, the point of the original dilemma on limitless Earths was to describe exactly how the recently obtained Charlton Comics characters

10 reasons MY blog will LEND YOU SOME SUGAR

As promised . . . 1. hey Ya-Low 2. hey Ya-Fuzz 3. hey Ya-Ryan Miller. An amazing acoustic alt-country version. 4. hey Ya-Supersuckers. 5. hey Ya-Starbuck of Ekoostik Hookah 6. hey Ya-Drive By Truckers 7. hey Ya-Razorlight 8. hey Ya-Weeping Tile 9. hey Ya-The new Amsterdams 10. If you can figure out why I selected

A few incredible HULKS ON THE increase

While most of the Hulk-related interest has been on rumors of Hulk’s movie rights returning to marvel as well as conjecture surrounding She-Hulk, right here are a few higher-numbered problems of incredible Hulk on the increase that may have been flying under the radar.     THE incredible HULK #212 (1977) In this issue, the


Our second tale of the Diablo house finds the dreams of a pinball wizard coming true—mastering people as he masters the silver ball bouncing from bumper to bumper. Don’t get too close to tilt or it could come back to bite you in the butt! Bullet points: • inspired by classic horror comics of the