Archie film verified on Hold

ICv2 ran an interview with Jon Goldwater, publisher as well as Co-CEO of Archie Comics, yesterday. As one would expect, it’s mainly generic puffery: Archie’s “still the #1 mass market comic book in the world”. Archie’s decades of history make it a widely known property. people are searching for high quality entertainment. Archie’s broad-based, appropriate for everyone.

I discovered Goldwater’s mantra, “Archie is open for business”, interesting. He utilizes it to imply that he’ll think about new artists, new talent, new styles, as well as new approaches, if it “makes sense for Archie”, however thinking about “anything that makes sense for the business as well as for the brand” runs the danger of losing focus.

Case in point, the Archie film revealed last year is on hold, so they can look into an Afterlife With Archie film instead. There’s likewise “a great deal of discussion around Josie as well as Katy Keene”, which might be fun. Goldwater likewise elaborates a bit on what the new chief innovative policeman statement means.

In terms of the books, the new push is the upcoming Red Circle superhero comics, which I’m dissatisfied to hear. So numerous other people do those type of hero books, I’d rather see Archie broaden much more in their core areas of romance as well as teen comedy.

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